It's blooming

The long-awaited spring is here, and soon we'll be able to enjoy the summer bloom and warm summer breezes. On Kluuvikatu, spring is seen in colorful new jewellery designs, perfect accessories for bright summer evenings.

This summer, bold colours are in fashion both in clothing and accessories. The trend is also evident on Kluuvikatu, where gemstones shine in even more stunning colours. Tina and Jenny Tillander visited jewelry fairs in Munich in the spring and later in the Amalfi Coast in Italy to explore corals and turquoises - bringing back with them beautiful gemstones and pearls from these trips! Our goldsmiths have already crafted some beautiful pieces of jewelry from these, and more is expected in early summer.

Among the fabulous new designs this spring are tourmaline pendants carved in the shape of leaves. Tourmaline is a versatile gemstone found in several different colours - sometimes even a single gemstone may be two-toned. Each leaf is unique – you won't find another one like it. The leaf pendant is an excellent gift idea for new graduates this spring! 

Tina Tillander's Namaste pendant, launched a few years ago, shines as wonderfully colourful as ever. Tina found inspiration for the pendants from yoga: these jewels are something fun and playful, yet relaxed and harmonious. Namaste pendants are all different; each combination of gemstones and pearls is unique.

"I wear the Namaste pendant on a long chain myself, so it can also be paired well with another pendant on a shorter chain," says Tina. Tina also suggests that you can always turn to her or Jenny for tips on how to mix and match your jewelry with different outfits.

Welcome to Kluuvikatu to explore other wonderful new jewellery pieces!